Is time trickling through your fingers?

I've been told that as a blogger, I should be posting every day.

Wow. I've really dropped that ball. The last post in this blog was in 2013! It just seemed like I never had the time to write any more.

Thankfully, I came to the realisation that this wasn't really true. It's not that I didn't have the time, it's that I wasn't managing the time I had very well.

Where was all my time going?

I've often used being busy with work as an excuse. Or busy with life. Or busy with... something. The simple truth is, in life, unless we make the time to do something we don't do it.

Instead we'll waste valuable time starting at re-runs on TV or playing a pointless game on our tablets or smartphones, letting the time we apparently don't have trickle through our fingers.

Recently I seem to becoming more and more aware of how much time is trickling through my fingers and it's left me thinking... what are my priorities? Is watching television really more important that writing? Would I rather play a game than draw something? And that's when I realised that our attention is like water - it follows the path of least resistance.

I've made it a personal goal to try to make better use of what time I have left over from work and family. It's not much as it is so I'd be better off using it to do something I can look back on and think, "Yes, that was a great use of that time... look at what I did with it".

Finding the time

I made a list of things that I like to do, if I get the chance. I then put the list in order of preference - which activities would I like to do the most? I then chose three areas that I intended to focus on that had been sorely neglected in recent years. For me, the top three were drawing, writing and learning.

Thanks to that process, I've been making more of an effort to draw recently. I love drawing, particularly with pens (or the digital equivalent). I'm not really interested in carefully rendered, photo-realistic drawings. I like lines. Hatching. Scribbles. Drawings that feel alive. For some weird reason, I often end up drawing rocks.

I've been uploading my recent doodles to my Instagram account at If you like ink drawings, please drop by!

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